Show Up With Purpose

Show Up With Purpose 4 week program

The overall aim of this program is for new or established business owners to gain the skills and confidence to market their business on and offline.

A business without clients is not a business. Many new and established business owners struggle to find paying clients.

My goal is to help you to market your Business on Purpose, we will work together over 4 week on zoom. From the moment you sign up you will have  access to all of my learning modules via your personal membership login.

I invite you to Visualise Growing your Business on Purpose...


  • You know exactly WHO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT IS. We work hard on this. Get this right and I promise you, marketing becomes easier. You feel super confident. 
  • You can craft SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE MESSAGES that speak directly to your ideal clients, adding variety and value instead of boring or safe content that blends in. 
  • You have MORE ENGAGEMENT on your posts and your appointment book is filling up with your dream clients. 
  • You are PROUD to tell the world about your signature program. 
  • Clients are raving about their results and TELLING OTHERS ABOUT YOUR PROGRAMME.

Show up with Purpose Week 1 – Define Your Ideal Client.


Client profiling: Identify and understand your dream client’s challenges, wants, and needs.

Amanda has a unique way of teaching this and the great news is you can use her workbook anytime you create a new offer or decide to work with a differ type of client.


Week 1 you will:


  • Look at the problem you solve.
  • Get really clear about who you want to work with.
  • Create a profile for your client.


Most business owners lack the clarity in their ideal client and in turn feel overwhelmed creating content that converts to sales. By defining your ideal client, you now speak to one client this ensures your message reaches many.


Show up with Purpose Week 2 - Craft Your Marketing Message


Not knowing what to post can lead to a lot of frustration, and it hinders you from connecting with your ideal clients.

I see many business owners showing up on social media and putting the work in, unfortunately their work is in vain because the message is lost.

  • Lost because it’s unclear who they help or what they do.
  • Lost because they are unsure how to say what they do without being salesy, so they post quotes and other feel good content.
  • Lost because they don’t know what to do so they post a lot of sales posts.  

Learn how to speak directly to your ideal client with a clear message.

Craft your messages, using hooks, headlines, stories, and call to actions.

 Create posts that speak directly to and engage with an audience that are looking for the solution you offer.

 What to say, where to say it and how to become more visible online.

Craft strong simple messages that help attract your dream paying clients.


Week 2 you will:

  • Learn how to grab attention using strong headlines.
  • Learn how to structure your stories that show your audience how you help them.
  • Learn what and when to post.
  • Learn how to influence your audience.
  • Learn how to convert using soft sales.


Show up with Purpose Week 3 – Create your unique offer!

Many times, business owners have knowledge or skills, and they struggle to sell. I was there when I started too. Creating a program, packages your knowledge and creates a product to sell. People don’t buy knowledge they buy results.

Week 3 you will:

  • Outline your program.
  • Pricing your program.
  • Sell your program.


Show up with Purpose Week 4 – Recap 


The real learning happens when we take action, week 4 is to recap and ensure you have gotten what you came for. From week 1 on this program, you will be taking action so bring all your questions and you will leave full confidence and ready to market your business and sell your offers.

 Week 4 you will:

  • Reflect on all you have learned.
  • Get any questions you have answered. 
  • Create a marketing strategy.  

 Looking forward to working with you. 

Amanda xx 

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