Welcome to Amanda Delaney's Marketing Passion to Profit!

Home of courses that teach you how to market your passion with confidence and attract your ideal paying clients.

I teach new and established service-based businesses like coaches, therapist, accountants, personal trainers the 4 key areas of business they need to know to grow.

Mindset, Branding, Marketing, & Sales  

Your business is between your two ears, mindset is your key to unlocking the success you desire.

Who are you as a brand? 

How are you presenting and selling your offers to the world?

Dive into my lessons and you will soon 

Stop playing small, Stand tall, and feel very proud of your business. 

Available Products

Passion to Profit Academy

Opening Feb 2024

In the Passion to Profit Academy, I help women in business to increase their Business Skills & Confidence through supportive group learning & encouragement.

You Can and You Will turn your PASSION into a PROFITABLE BUSINESS with the right information and people around you

Show Up With Purpose

Get the Clarity you crave, gain confidence and attract your ideal paying clients today.

Join hundreds of other business owners who have learned to grow, scale, and market their businesses, fast! 

Client Research - Mini Course

Discover what your clients truly want, and grow your business on purpose with passion and integrity.  
You will love my step by step workbook if you want to 

  • Create a brand new course or programme. 
  • Craft marketing content that attracts and connects you with more ideal-paying clients.
  • Improve existing offers. 
  • Find new clients, or re-engage past clients. 

5 Day Video Challenge

Get over your fear of video! It's not going anywhere 

91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands

Are you wondering......

  • What will I say? 
  • What will others think about me?
  • How do I make videos? 

Then this challenge is for you

My Products Available Products
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