Passion to Profit Academy

It's time for you to Stand Tall & Proud of your business!

In the Passion to Profit Academy, I help women in business to increase their Business Skills & Confidence through supportive group learning & encouragement.

You Can and You Will turn your PASSION into a PROFITABLE BUSINESS with the right information and people around you

14 Modules

Pillar 2. Awaken Your Giant - Bring your business vision to life

You may need to print off workbooks or pdfs before completing some of the exercises in this module/pillar. 

The 12 days of Chistmas Video Challenge

The aim is to shoot 12 short videos or reels over 24 days in December. This challenge was created for some fun reflections and connections with your audience while unwinding for Christmas. Marketing can be fun. 

**NB** Stay aligned to your marketing goals, if you are currently talking to your audience about a topic or are leading them into a launch etc then feel free to recreate questions to align with your current goal.

Modules for this product 14
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